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Vision6 is a hosted application that offer an intuitive interface, and is easy to use. Features:

  • HTML editor to customise email design
  • Pre-built templates if required
  • Email testing to preview before bulk sends
  • Reporting to track opens, clicks, unsubscribe rates etc
  • Automatically adds unsubscribe links to each email
  • Simple bulk upload of contacts
  • Bulk bounce management
  • Allows senders to use purchased lists

Things to know:

  • Each time you import a list, it is stored on Vision6, for which you are charged on an ongoing basis (per contact). So, if you're importing a new list on a rhythmic basis, and have no need for the old lists, delete them
  • Before deleting old lists, ensure you have no need for the contacts, or the reporting information. Once contacts are deleted, Vision6 does not retain the statistical information for those contacts, so ensure all your reporting is done prior to deleting a list.
  • It is vital that you track all unsubscribes in your client's CRM prior to deleting contact lists. Vision6 does a great job of tracking unsubscribes - and will not send an email to someone who has unsubscribed previously, however if you delete the contact list, Vision6 will not retain that information. If you haven't tracked unsubscribes in the CRM and you delete a list, you could be breaching the SPAM ACT, and annoying prospects. If you manage unsubscribes properly in the CRM, then each time you import contacts into Vision6, you will be excluded those who do not want to be contacted.

Campaign Automation

Vision6 enables you to set up automated campaigns, allowing for automated actions to take place after a pre-defined trigger event. This can be useful in building drip/nurture campaigns, and can help to progress buyers along a specified journey. It can also opt buyers into specific campaigns, based on their behaviour or actions they take.

Trigger events include:

  • Someone subscribing to a list
  • Someone opening an email
  • Someone clicking an email
  • Someone not opening an email

Automated actions include:

  • Sending an email
  • Sending SMS
  • Updating a contact's field in a database/list
  • Removing bounces

Cost: View their pricing page here. <cshow logged=1 ingroup='sysop'> For only: to sign up clients to Vision6 under our referral program, follow the procedure here. </cshow>

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