Updating Buffer Promotions

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This task will usually be completed by an intern and should be done on Monday mornings.

  1. Login to the buffer app
  2. Check scheduled posts
  3. Add to scheduled posts
  • You want to add promotions for Hugh's latest blog post so, go to the align.me webpage and search blogs.
  • Find Hugh's latest blog> copy the link
  • Go back to Buffer and paste the link into the space provided.
  • Accompany this link with a brief statement designed to grab readers attention and entice them to click the link.
Hint: get ideas from the heading and summary of the blog. Make sure what you come up with is relevant to the topic Hugh is discussing.
  • Check where the information is going to be shared eg. LinkedIn, Twitter. You would usually press select all and promote it across all mediums.
  • Click the drop down arrow on the "Add to queue" button. You can choose to 'Share next', 'Share now' or 'Schedule Post'. Select your chosen method. You should see an icon pop up with "your item has been added to the queue". If this does not happen it might be due to too many characters in the description. Review and try again