Social media management

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  • Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that lets you manage and measure your social media accounts. With Hootsuite you can manage multiple social profiles at once, schedule messages and tweets, track brand mentions, and analyse social media traffic.
  • Tweetdeck is a social media dashboard application for managing your Twitter of Facebook accounts. Amongst other things, Tweetdeck enables you to arrange and customise your feeds, filter tweets and searches, schedule tweets, monitor and manage an unlimited number of accounts at a time, and updated notification alerts.
  • Nimble is a social media dashboard application for managing your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ accounts. Its biggest benefit is to build a profile of prospects and customers and friends by pulling all these tools into one interface so you can build social profiles for your contacts. It's other big benefit over TweetDeck and SproutSocial is that it can be set up to send you an email once a day with all your interactions across all social media platforms.
  • Buffer is a web based program that allows you to queue posts to social media. With a little bit of client research, you’ll be able to time your posts around your clients. Once you know what time they’re on Twitter and Facebook, you can post content accordingly. There is little point in posting an article and three in the morning, only for it to get lost in customer’s feeds by the time they log on at 7:30 am. Buffer also analyses what is happening on your social media, and can choose a time that is best suited for your network, based on when the most re-tweets and likes are happening.
  • Social Oomph branches across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the aim of boosting social media productivity. The free version allows scheduled Tweeting, tracking of keywords and up to five Twitter accounts to be connected, among other features. The paid features include spam control, mimic following, scheduling of Facebook updates and LinkedIn shares.

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