Online Appointment Setting

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Online appointment setting allows businesses to provide their customers with the option of scheduling an appointment without having to contact employers directly.

A self service feature utilising online and mobile technology that simplifies the time consuming task of scheduling.

Online appointment setting benefits businesses by minimising time, efforts and money spent scheduling appointments so that staff can attend to more important tasks. Customers benefit from online appointment scheduling because of its high accessibility.


Timetrade is a leading online scheduling software company that caters to personal businesses up to retail businesses and enterprises.

Timetrade's online appointment scheduling software provides advantages to 7 different areas of service that contribute to a more effective buyer cycle.

The 7 Advantages

  • Sales: Increase on sales due to availability.
  • Retail: Provides omni-channel retailing which allows businesses to enhance customer experience through the combination of online, mobile and brick and mortar service.
  • Retail Banking: Decrease costs on hiring staff to book appointments.
  • Education: Staff faculty can communicate to students and parents easier. Also, automating scheduling centres for staff decrease scheduling workloads for coordinators during exam period.
  • Customer Service: Customers are satisfied with the simplicity of online scheduling and the avoidance of ques.
  • Marketing: Sales cycle is shortened because online scheduling does the job of finding prospective buyers.
  • Financial Services: Engaging with clients online to schedule over the phone and face to face meetings and to automate any necessary follow ups.