LeadGrabber is an online list generation tool that can detect and extract contact information such as name, company, job title, email, phone, fax and address from internet sources including:

  • Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines
  • Social networks & Professional network search results, like LinkedIn
  • Business online directories, membership and association sites, LinkedIn Groups

Building a contact list from Internet Search Portals is a two step process

Step 1: Enter the relevant Keyword and conduct a search

Step 2: Click on the grab button in LeadGrabber Pro to extract the lead information from the search results

When LeadGrabber is unable to find an email address, it will project one based on other email addresses within that domain. Around 50-60% of the email addresses generated by LeadGrabber are genuine, and so you can expect a bounce rate of around 40-50% when you send to these lists.

Before you use LeadGrabber please ensure that you are fully aware of the terms outlined in the Spam Act.

LeadGrabber lets you...

  • Build List of Professionals and Companies from Professional Social Networks

Social networks are a rich source of high quality business leads. LeadGrabber allows you to find and extract contact information of your prospects such as name, job title, email address, company, phone, etc. from professional social networking sites. If the email IDs and phone numbers are not available, LeadGrabber can find and append that information in real time.

  • Build List of Companies in an Industry

If you need a segment of companies in a highly focussed niche than what list vendors offer, LeadGrabber can build that company list for you. Enter keywords that you know your target companies will use on their website, and LeadGrabber will build that list of companies, along with the company's business contact information.

  • Build List of Business Professionals in a Company

If you have a set of companies you want to target, type in the titles of people you wish to know in those companies. LeadGrabber will perform live Internet Research and build the list of people for you. With another click LeadGrabber will find and append their business email ids and phone numbers.

  • Import your existing contact lists and append missing contact information

Does your prospect list / database have missing contact details such as email and phone number? LeadGrabber enables you to append the missing email ID's, phone numbers and business address for your contact lists. You can directly import your business contact lists from your database applications/contact managers like Salesforce.com, PC Recruiter (PCR), ACT! CRM, Excel spread sheets and Outlook.

  • Build Contact List from Resumes

If you want to build a list of people with a specific skill set, you can use LeadGrabber to capture their contact information from their resumes on the Internet. If you need help to find these resumes, use the built-in Resume Finder feature - it contains powerful Boolean Search Scripts created by Internet search experts.

  • Build Business Email Lists

If you want to build a list of targeted email ids of business professionals for an email marketing campaign, you can use LeadGrabber to capture emails from search results. If you are not sure how to bring up search results with email ids, LeadGrabber's email finder scripts can help you.

  • Build list from Tables and Online directories

If you have a list of contacts from a particular web page or an online directory you wish to capture, LeadGrabber will capture that information in one click.

For a full guide on how to use Leadgrabber see the User's Manual or visit the LeadGrabber website