Feedback Tools

The Gift of Feedback

1. Voice of customer website feedback tools and software

These enable customers to give continuous feedback about ratings on page content, products and services.

  • Kampyle - A free tool(single form and 50 comments)that integrates well with Google Analytics for Feedback Analytics.
  • UserSnap - A tool that is good for visual feedback.
  • OpinionLab - Higher-level tool more suited for large-scale, corporate sites.
  • PollDaddy - Good for blogs and customer surveys. Surveys and widgets to be added.
  • BugMuncer - Feedback tab on websites. Allows for highlighted screenshots to be sent back along with feedback.
  • Qualaroo - Asks specific questions about individual page types or a site. For example Product pages or checkout.

2. Crowdsourcing feedback tools and software

  • Uservoice - A feedback tool that focuses on innovation(product and site suggestions). Free version allows for sharing and voting on ideas within a forum.
  • Ideascale - Offers structured feedback within customer communities.
  • Google Moderator - Can be used for a similar purpose and can be enbedded within a site or intranet.
  • GetStatisfaction - Used for customers who will give feedback in an offsite forum.

3. Simple page or concept feedback tools

  • Five Second Test - Get instant feedback on a page via email or Tweet.
  • Ask500People - Gives feedback from 500 people targeted on their demographics within 12 hours.
  • Userlytics - Targets particular customer profiles to give focus group/ mystery shopper feedback on a website or prototype.
  • WhatUsersDo - Small panel is asked to do a task and they give feedback via video.

4. Site exit survey tools

  • Iperceptions - free tool that rates intent of visit and satifaction.
  • ConfirmIt - feedback tool more suited for higher-end enterprise services.

5. General online survey tools Many companies use free and generic low cost feedback tools to research audience opinions. Here are some of the more popular ones:

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