Why video?

Videos have the ability to engage your audience more than the majority of other means. According to, studies have shown that decision-makers want to watch, not read, and that people who have seen a video are more likely to convert to a lead.

But why YouTube?

Many companies may have videos posted on their website and thus struggle to see the benefit of setting up a youtube account. There are a number of reasons as to why a YouTube channel can prove very successful;

  • Your videos will get discovered much easier as more and more people watch YouTube (10 to 1).
  • When you integrate with as many social media channels as possible, your SEO and natural search will ultimately improve.
  • On YouTube, your videos are more likely to be shared. YouTube is optimised for sharing and sending information to other people.
  • YouTube has a variety of state-of-the-art tools that make for a much easier experience for both you and users.

This information is courtesy of Glenn Gow from Achieve Market Leadership.

A perfect example of an effective B2B YouTube channel is Cisco.

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Five Ways to Successfully Leverage YouTube

Cory Eridon from HubSpot has suggested five ways for B2B marketers to successfully leverage YouTube as an effective social media tool:

1. Publish case studies – often businesses place case study videos on their websites, so it would be a great idea to leverage these resources further by featuring these videos on your company YouTube account.

2. Take product tours - If you're a product-oriented business, you can also use a video to take your prospects on a little tour that's more engaging than simply reading some copy about what you create.

3. Create how-to videos – Even if you’re not a product-oriented business, your prospects and customers still have problems that need to be solved, and questions that they need answered. More often than not, it is easier to show your customers how to solve a problem using a video, rather than tell them. This obviously presents another opportunity to add to your YouTube repertoire, and leverage your business using this social media tool. To support the success of how-to videos, write a blog post that summarises the content contained within, and embed the video in the post.

4. Optimize your YouTube videos for search – As you may or may not know, Google owns YouTube, meaning that videos from this site will show up in organic Google search results. If you're at all concerned with SEO, YouTube is an important part of your strategy. As discussed in this blog post, there are ways to optimize the videos you upload to YouTube that will give you a leg up on your competition, too!

5. And yes, you can generate leads on YouTube, too! – Many marketers are surprised to learn there's lead generation potential on YouTube, and it's because it requires a little creativity. At the end of every video you create, include a call-to-action and landing page URL to direct visitors back to your website to redeem an offer germane to the subject of the video. You can also include links to landing pages in the video description section on YouTube.

Creating an account

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Create account' (top right)
  3. Enter your information
  4. Click 'I accept'
  5. Enter your google account information (or create a google account, if you don't already have one)
  6. Click 'Create my new account!'

Uploading a public video

Public means anybody can find your video as a result of searching for related phrases.

  1. Click 'Upload' (top right)
  2. Click 'Upload video' and select your video file
  3. Fill out the listed fields (tags are particularly important for public videos, as they allow users to search and find your video)
  4. Select 'Public (anyone can search for and view - recommended'
  5. Click 'Save changes'

Uploading an unlisted video

Unlisted means that your video won't appear in search results, but is accessible via a URL (which you can share with others).

  1. Click 'Upload' (top right)
  2. Click 'Upload video' and select your video file
  3. Fill out the listed fields
  4. Select 'Unlisted (anyone with the link can view)'
  5. Click 'Save changes'
  6. Drop down your username (top right) and select 'Videos'
  7. Click 'Edit' under the relevant video
  8. Scroll down and select 'Unlisted'
  9. Copy the link and send to those you'd like to share your video with

Uploading a private video

Private means your video can only be viewed by other youtube users with whom you choose to share it.

  1. Click 'Upload' (top right)
  2. Click 'Upload video' and select your video file
  3. Fill out the listed fields
  4. Select 'Private (only specific YouTube users can view)'
  5. Click 'Save changes'
  6. Drop down your username (top right) and select 'Videos'
  7. Click 'Edit' under the relevant video
  8. Scroll down and select 'Private'
  9. Add the YouTube usernames of those you'd like to share your video with, and a message if required
  10. Hit 'Send'

Channel Management

You can't add multiple users to a Youtube account, but you can change the email address that the account is registered to (handy if you've associated your company's Youtube account with an individual's email address, but need to change it to a shared email address). To do this:

  1. Log into your Google Account at
  2. Under 'Primary email address', click 'Edit'
  3. Enter the email address that you want to re-associate your Youtube account with (it might be a shared email address like [email protected] Note that it can't be a Gmail account, or one that's already associated with a Google account. If you don't have an appropriate email address to use, consider creating a free Outlook one.
    • N.B. - This will mean that ALL Google products associated with the old email address (Analytics, Gmail, Adwords etc) will be associated with the new email. Make sure the person owning the old email address is okay with this.
  4. Save
  5. You'll receive a verification message at the new email address, with a link that you'll need to click. Once you click this, the account will be re-associated.

Google's instructions on this process are available here.

YouTube 'One Channel'

By the 19th of June YouTube will have rolled out ‘One Channel,’ which has been designed specifically to scale across all devices. This means that your channel will have the same features on a laptop as it will on a phone or a TV, allowing you to better create and cultivate material more effectively, as well as improve your engagement with your community. In doing this YouTube will automatically move your existing channel to the new platform. Two possibilities could occur: you may lose your existing branding, or YouTube will attempt to migrate some elements of your existing design. The worst case scenario is that your channel may look generic or unappealing, which could lead you to missing out on taking advantage of the new features.

Results: YouTube recognised that the world is looking for a structured place online where people can go to be informed and entertained. More importantly, a place where visitors are instantly familiar with their surroundings, no matter how they arrive or in what form they browse. This change will effectively make YouTube the internet’s ultimate video destination.

Reasons to take advantage of One Channel: · You channel that looks good on ANY device · Loads of new features like “The Guide” and “Browse View” · Customised Welcome video for viewers that is shown only to new viewers to introduce your channel & brand · More Control over how your content is displayed · Channel banner image · Channel Trailer lets you highlight your channel’s value and encourage subscription

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