This Wiki is specifically designed to guide Interns through the process of creating a Win-Notice. It is essential that you read this full page to get the ideology behind this method.

What is a win notice?

  • A Win-Notice is essentially what we share to our close networks such as the Funnel Coaches about the clients we have or are currently helping. This document is designed to explain in a short but detailed recall about how we achieved the client's business, how we have helped them and what services we have provided to help them in reaching their objectives.
  • The purpose of a Win-Notice is to document the before and after effects that has on its clients with the other Funnel Coaches whom might be experiencing similar circumstances.
    • Completed examples can be found here

How is it used?

A Win-Notice is written so that the respective Funnel Coaches can obtain a feel for the client’s situation was and how’s services have helped them. It can also help to explain how they might be able to help or seek potential leads in the same category as well as voice their opinions.


Please follow the following procedure when compiling and publishing a Win-Notice.

  1. E-Mail the BDM and set up a meeting. Contact saying, “Hello <BDM>, Congratulations on your win with <Client>. I would like to interview you so I can compile a Win-Notice”.
  2. A Win-Notice is constructed using these Questions here and follows this following structure for each client
    • Situation – What is their current situation in the market? How did they know to contact and what are their goals and objectives?
    • Problem – Why did they contact and what was it that caused them to seek help?
    • Need – What did they need to solve these problems?
    • Solution – What have we agreed to provide to address these issues?
  1. Once you have completed the document, ask to BDM to review it for publishing.
  2. Publish it on MM website by going to Content Management > Create Content > Blog for Funnel Coach.
  3. Use LinkedIn social media button to share to LinkedIn, select post to groups, select the Funnel Coach group and uncheck post to updates
    • Note The account you are logged into will need to be in the ‘Funnel Coach’ group. See Hugh for invitation.
  • Once you have published the Win-Notice inform the BDM about their win notice by linking them to the published page.
  • E-Mail whoever asked you to complete those Win-Notices, alerting them that they have been published.

What to include and what not?

  • Do not re-write it as an interview. This is a document about telling a story, your goal is to intrigue the viewer about the services that can offer. The document should be in short paragraph form, ensuring that the content you receive from the interviewee flows rather than just dot points.
  • This is literally a recall of how we won a clients business, this should be exciting for the viewers to read.