' Whoozin' Whoozin Overview

Whoozin.com is a simple to use, no nonsense RSVP tracking tool that makes tracking attendance easy.

  • Whoozin allows you to create One Off events but what sets Whoozin apart is the ability to set up groups or communities so that each time you add an event, the group’s members are notified and can RSVP.
  • Whoozin also provides the ability to create groups by entering a person’s name and email address. So if you have a book club and a party coming up, you could create a “Book Club” group with all of the regular attendies contact info and a “Party Group” for your upcoming party.
  • Whoozin provides all the event logistics for your event so your recipients will get all the necessary information. Once you send out the online invitation, you track “who’s in” and “who’s not”. Recipients can even respond with comments.

Some other features to mention:

  • Poll Creation – You and your group can collectively decide on a time date for your event
  • Mobile Web Application – This is an upcoming feature. Your recipients will receive a mobile compatible invite.
  • Document Uploads – Add a file to the invite

No promotional features, mainly an event and tracking program.