Video testimonial questions

You can't rely on interviewees to give you the perfect answers you're after so it's important to carefully script the questions you'll ask them to improve your chances of getting rich quotes that will make your testimonial videos more effective.


All testimonial interviews should follow a specific structure, we recommend the following six point structure:

  1. Situation: a description of the client's situation;
  2. Objectives: an outline of what the client was trying to achieve;
  3. Problem: the problem that the client was facing;
  4. Need: the need that the client had - what's necessary to solve the problem?;
  5. Solution: the solution that you offered to solve the problem; and
  6. Outcomes: the outcomes that were achieved by implementing your solution

One of the most important points to remember is that your script should be crafted in such a way that it yields the answers that you want.

Questions to ask

Below are some stock questions that you may want to recraft to suit your purposes.


  • Tell us about you, your company and the number of employees you have?


  • What were your aspirations at the time?
  • Where were you trying to take your business before you enganged <business name>?


  • What problem(s) were you experiencing prior to engaging with <business name>?
  • What consequences were these problems having on your business?
  • What triggered your search for a solution?
  • What options did you consider?
  • What lead you to engage <business name> to help solve this problem / achieve this objective?


  • Why did you feel the need to act?
  • What were to consequences of not acting?
  • What solution did <business name> offer you?


  • Why did you choose <business name> to be your network partner?
  • Can you describe the journey you took with <business name> in implementing this solution?
  • How did this solution address the problem you were experiencing?


  • What changed as a result of the solution you’ve just described? What impact did it have on your business?
  • How important are these network systems to the operation of your business?
  • How would you rate <business name> services?
  • How would you describe the team at <business name>?