Video Storyboarding

When you make a video for your business, be it a demo video, a sales video, a training video, or any short online business video, planning things out is extremely important. One of the most important stages of planning out your video is creating a storyboard.

A storyboard is a powerful document that contains all the visual, audio and time components of your video where you can use pictures to describe the visual element. Essentially it's a timeline going from top to bottom which allows you to see what each scene will look like. This is one of the major advantages a storyboard has over a script. The storyboard method is also generally thought to provide a better overview than the scripting method. For a comparison of using the storyboard method and the scripting method alone, see Storyboard

For every scene of your video, storyboards capture:

Visual: Description-A quick, rough sketch—no need to be an artist!

Time-The length of this particular image, in seconds

Audio-Narration/Music/SFX - What you will be hearing when the image is shown. The three major components of audio are:

  • Narration (people speaking)
  • Music (background sound)
  • Sound Effect (SFX)—doors opening, car horns, birds calling, etc.

Storyboards can also skip the pictures and just describe the visual elements, see here.

Why storyboard?

A storyboard is the best way to share your vision

Visual aids make it easier for you to share and explain your vision with others. When you have a storyboard, you can show people exactly how your video is going to be mapped out and what it will look like. This makes is unbelievably easier for others to understand your idea.

A storyboard makes production much easier

When you storyboard your video you are basically setting up a plan for production. It includes all the shots that you will need, the order that they’ll be laid out, as well as how the visuals will interact with the script. This is really useful during editing, as it serves as a nice guideline for your editor so they can piece together the video according to your vision.

A storyboard saves you time

While putting a storyboard together takes time, in the long run it will save you time. How? Well by making it easier to explain your vision to the people who you're working with, means you spend less time repeating your idea and vision, but also by providing a solid shot list. This will make the creation process (filming and editing) go smoothly.


Storyboard softwares: