StrategyMix is a comprehensive and cost-effective marketing automation tool, provided by an independently-owned Australian software company.

The core functionality of the StrategyMix System is its ability to do automated lead nurturing on a 1-to-1 basis with thousands of prospects simultaneously so that the system sends the right information to each prospect at the right time, according to the principles of the Buyers Journey.

Key functions of StrategyMix include:

  1. Lead Nurturing
    • StrategyMix's Logical Campaign and Smart Response functionality allow you to build automated email campaigns (i.e. trigger-based campaigns) that nurture buyers according to their behaviour (e.g. whether they downloaded a whitepaper or completed a survey)
  2. Email Marketing
    • As with any email marketing tool, StrategyMix allows you to view open and click-through rates, and manage bounces
    • Landing pages
    • Manage whitepaper, video and webinar registrations and host these assets within the StrategyMix system
    • Send automated confirmation emails
  3. Profile surveys
    • Flush out buyers who are troubled/qualified by surveying them whenever they register for a whitepaper, video or webinar
    • Ask qualifying questions at the right time to assess whether they fit within your Ideal Client Profile
  4. Web Analytics
    • Track and receive alerts whenever a known contact visits a particular page on your website
  5. CRM Integration
    • Integration with Salesforce, Sugar CRM and future integration with MS Dynamics planned
    • Bi-directional synchronization of data between StrategyMix and your CRM, meaning you only have to maintain one source of data
    • Access contact reports created in your CRM from within StrategyMix
    • StrategyMix also offers a basic CRM within the system
  6. Lead management
    • Manage leads centrally, and maintain a single source of truth
    • Segment lists using list codes, and treat segments differently
    • Lead profiling and scoring that can help flush out buyers who are further progressed in their journey
    • Receive real-time alerts whenever a lead responds to a campaign positively, for immediate follow-up
    • Deliver marketing-qualified leads to Sales

Pricing for StrategyMix is available here.