Stop doing list

May 2014

  • EM&DG - need to analyse breakdown of time
  • Big chunky work for clients
  • Overdelivery generally - repeat offenders (no consistent dialogue around this) and new clients
    • Link prioritisation to budget (in light of overdelivery)
    • Ramp back hours in Current month plan for repeat offenders
    • Sal's time not leveraged; picked up by other resources
  • Not following the process (at least plan for not following the process - Brett)
  • Too many resources in the one meeting
  • Multiple reviews - need to define this process in light of new Account Manager role
  • Priorities meeting
  • EM&DG - how much can we afford to invest in this, then work out what to do (vlogging big offender in terms of overall time)
  • Intern program (multiple days is preferable)
  • Admin
  • Tracking client emails to Admin

November 2013


  • Recruiting other than through interns - we can't afford both paths.
  • Monthly SEO and traffic reports for MM (for now)
  • corporate identity meeting
  • park website redevelopment til January
  • Attending clients events where we add no value
  • Shift individual tasks for MM admin and MM marketing to interns i.e. huthwaite/mm admin

Temporarily stop:

  • Skills Matrix blogging (for now)
  • A/B testing of FV
  • Funnel Masters (for now)
  • FA December
  • Lead Gen campaigns
  • No client events hosted here


  • Weekly priorities meeting; move to fortnightly(for now)
  • Team Forum (December if nothing to discuss)
  • Mentoring (leave fortnightly meeting in diary, only hold when needed rather)

Not agreed:

  • unscheduled delegations ("hey you, can you do this please?")
  • SEO (covered elsewhere)
  • Video (frequency, length)
  • Move client reporting from weekly to fortnightly or monthly
  • Defer intern intake and any current mentoring

Push harder:

  • Mastery
  • FV uses all 4 vids
  • FA ads (Jan)