SourceBottle was originally designed to remake the relationship between journalists and bloggers and expert sources. It helps journalists and bloggers find sources whilst helping businesses and PR pros to get free publicity by acting as those sources.

SourceBottle finds sources by emailing ‘call outs’ for sources from journalists, writers and bloggers who subscribe to the service. They help journalists writers and bloggers connect with an extensive network of quality sources. At the same time, businesses and PR pros who sign up to the system will receive notifications and are connected with journalists, bloggers or other businesses who are searching for particular sources that those businesses can offer.

SourceBottle could be of use to your business in four different ways;

  1. To receive call outs on selected topics for your business to respond to as a source (basically free publicity).
  2. To post online call outs for sources to be provided for interview subjects or expert commentary (for instance, a call out for experts to write entries on a blog that you're creating).
  3. Find case studies (as above).
  4. To advertise; SourceBottle is a leading social media site that operates wholly to ‘crowdsource’ sources for journalists and bloggers and creates promotional and publicity opportunities for PR professionals and businesses. Boasting some of the largest and most respected media outlets as regulars users of the service, the site draws significant traffic at least twice a week day, and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

As an added feature, SourceBottle allows you to specify a deadline, topic, method of distribution and how you wish to be contacted for each of your call outs.

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