Snack Tools

SnackTools is an online set of applications created for the purpose of simplifying the way you create and publish rich media widgets. The company's goal is to allow you to easily create/improve your own website in a fun, unique and effortless way.

SnackTools Consists of three main categories

  • Widgets
  • Banners
  • Websites

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SnackTools widgets contain many forms including

  • Photosnack
  • Podsnack
  • Tubesnack
  • Pollsnack
  • Flipsnack
  • Slidesnack
  • Notifysnack

  • Photosnack

Creates photo slideshows for social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Additionally you can choose to include background music whilst viewing the album. This allows easy sharing of photo slideshows as images can be added from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug and Instagram. All of which can be viewed from your mobile phone.

  • Podsnack

Allows you to customize your audio playlist and player in three steps.

  • Add your songs
  • Customize the player to your needs and wants
  • Publish it

Flash MP3 players can be shared though embedding or downloading as Small web files (SWF) for HTML websites and flash components for full-flash websites.

PodSnack allows the creation of playlists and sharing them via your own website or social networking page including Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, MySpace and others.

  • Tubesnack

Designs a video playlist maker online which in conjunction can be linked with videos from YouTube. This allows a series of videos of your choice to easily be viewed through embedding or sharing multiple videos at once.

  • Pollsnack

Generates a simplistic and effortless construction of market questionnaires without the need to learn how to use complicated software. The results obtained are displayed in real time. Fully customizable options include

  • Customizing the look and feel
  • Changing the language
  • Allows embedding of poles on your website
  • Secure data storage for an indefinite amount of time
  • Exports data as CSV (Comma Separated Values)

Pollsnack can be used by

  • Bloggers to create web polls
  • Marketers and product managers to establish online surveys
  • Social networking users who wish to create a personality quiz

  • Flipsnack

Builds an online flipping book that can convert PDF files into Flash page flip digital publications. Ideally created for those who would like to embed documents onto a website, documents including

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Newspapers
  • Portfolios

Once created your flipping book can be embedded, downloaded or shared on social networking sites IE Facebook. Many publications can be placed in the same flash widget, as well as full mobile compatibility.

  • Slidesnack

Crafts a presentation sharing tool which can be shared online via uploading and sharing. Similar to PowerPoint but no emailing is required, just upload the document(s) as PDF's and Slidesnack gives you access to your presentation.

Customizable templates allow you to shape your uploaded document to be showcased the way you want it. A slidecast option is also available (presentation + voice). Recorded voice comments over a project or making notes over your note book can easily be shared with friends, clients or students on your blog, website, YouTube (video) or other social media pages.

  • Notifysnack

This widget allows a time saving design to be implemented when adding important information to your website, in other words a capturing headline. This widget is highly customizable allowing it to neatly fit with the design of your webpage.

Examples of Notifysnack widget include

  • Subscribers list
  • Selling of products
  • Promotion of anything
  • Displaying Twitter or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) content


  • Bannersnack

Allows the construction and customization of interactive flash banners and other flash content. Additionally gif banners can also be made, all of which can be achieved without coding. Animated banners, website headers, intros and microsites can all be created professionally and easily shared by publication and download.

Available formats include

  • Adobe Flash
  • GIF

Compatible with

  • Google AdWords
  • AOL advertising
  • Doubleclick
  • IAB
  • OpenX
  • RightMedia


A website builder that allows an unlimited number of webpages to be created for free. Customizable elements include fonts, colors and backgrounds. Everything else must be entered manually. Compatible with all mobile devices and search engines find you on your chosen domain. Websites include

  • Music promotion
  • Biographies
  • Photography
  • Portfolios
  • Cooking books