Referral Engines

Networking and referrals is an invaluable asset to possess or acquire in the professional environment. One might ask- Why bother? Firstly, referrals have a 16% higher lifetime value and most importantly, 92% of consumers trust referrals over all forms of advertising.

CarrotLeads is a referral engine that assist businesses in generating high-potential leads through networkers, in return for promised incentives upon conversion of the lead. This tool helps to generate leads that are known to be interested in the business’ product or service offerings instead of generating numerous low-potential leads which ultimately saves time and money. In theory CarrotLeads is a fountain for referrals, but in practice is an engine for managing referrals and potentials for continuous referrals from the network.

What's in it for businesses?

  • Diversifies lead generation channels
  • The ability to build an army of networkers that are willing to share business leads based on suitability
  • Provide incentives that your business and the referrer believes is acceptable in return for a converted lead

How does CarrotLeads work for the business?

  • Connect with networks; build a relationship with your networks for continuous referrals
  • Obtain prospect details- attempt to convert
  • Update networks on the situation
  • Pay promised incentives upon conversion of lead
  • Rate networker
  • Repeat

What's in it for networkers?

  • Extra financial income
  • Choose who you share your leads with
  • Attractive incentives
  • Receive promised incentive upon conversion
  • Track lead through constant updates from business-of-choice
  • Build professional relationships with businesses

How does CarrotLeads work for networkers?

  • Search for company most suitable for meeting the need of the lead
  • Short-list companies with preferred incentives
  • Share lead
  • If shared lead is accepted and converted, incentive is paid
  • Rate companies and track leads
  • Scout for different leads continuously
  • Acquire incentive
  • Repeat

CarrotLeads provides businesses and individuals with the opportunity to increase and develop professional networks through referrals. This generates high-potential leads and can be highly profitable for both parties involved. The management, engagement and tracking of the potentials by CarrotLeads ensures convenience for users by organising details into one dashboard.