Promoting Funnel Wiki and Internships to University student clubs

In order to further promote our Funnel Wiki and Internship opportunities to University students, we will be getting in touch with various student societies from Universities across Melbourne. The aim is to enable students to become familiar with B2B Marketing and Funnel Wiki and create opportunities for them to become an intern at This can be done through promotion at O-Week activities or sponsoring student societies.

For a full summary of all intern position advertising efforts see J:\People\Recruitment\Job ads\Intern recruitment\Intern advertisement

Below is a table of the Student societies that will be contacted.

Melbourne University
Melbourne Arts Students' Society Rachel Withers [email protected] click here Yes Andrew in discussions
Commerce Students' Society Arnav Rajan [email protected] click here
Media and Communications Student Society mediacomm.society[@] click here
Events and Promotions Evie Bicos e.bicos[at] +61 3 8344 0351 Communications & Marketing department
International Commerce Students' Society Erik Lim icss.unimelb[at] click here
Monash University
Monash Bus and Commerce Students' Society Matthew Duran [email protected] click here
Monash Marketing Students' Society Connor Lloyd [email protected] click here
Monash Society of Arts Students [email protected]
Caulfield Arts Society Edwina Shelton [email protected] click here
Society for International Commerce and Computing Ling Chen (president) [email protected] click here
Mannix College Students' Society [email protected]
Deakin University
Deakin Commerce Society Jordan Hamston [email protected] click here 21/11/12 Has around 600 members of which half take marketing subjects. Offer sponsorship packages Gold: $1000, Silver: $750 and Bronze: $500. Andrew feels Bronze package will suffice.
Deakin Graduate Business Society Joseph Jose [email protected] click here
Economics, Finance & Marketing Student Association Aden Ibrahim [email protected] click here
MBA Student Association Leanne Tran [email protected] click here
RMIT Business Students Association Andrew Fawcett [email protected] click here
RMIT International Business Association Matt Stephenson [email protected]
LaTrobe University
Business Students' Association Tyler Cameron (Activities/Events Officer) click here
LaTrobe Arts Student Society Chris Wheeler [email protected] click here
Swinburne League of Business Students Lachlan Scott [email protected] 0407 866 870 click here
Victoria University
Business and Commerce Student Society Chris Brown [email protected]