Pre Work Coaching

This page provides steps on how to implement pre-work coaching so that clients prepare themselves and time is not wasted preparing them.

Step 1

Refer to AM:Funnel plan set up and build plans for participants as in 'pre work' status.

Step 2

(should take 10 mins)

Take participants through a complete Funnel Plan:

  • Objectives
  • Problem Bubble Choice
  • Strategy
  • Focus Targets
  • Maturity/Comp - Let them know this may not be relevant
  • Velocity Model
  • Tactics to Progress Buyers to Meet Objectives

Step 3

(should take 15 mins)

Take participants through elements of 'pre work'

  1. Objectives for new businesses only, fill in three questions
  2. List problems that your buyers have, make sure they are NOT needs!
  3. Fill in initial strategy, CURRENT Strategy in your business
  4. Velocity - Fill in question for simple funnel math to inform your velocity model