What is a PURL?

A PURL is a ‘personalized URL.’ Unlike a regular URL, it is a fully trackable online address that is tailored exclusively to individual buyers. This ensures that customer databases receive selectively chosen information that are relevant to their needs. A PURL stands out amongst masses of information because of its uniqueness, and can be incorporated into direct mail or eDM communications


Consider an event that requires a large turnout. A PURL listed within an invitation can automatically redirect an invitee to a pre-filled registration form, which ensures greater efficiency from the consumer’s perspective.

E.G. www.align.me/sampleevent

How to Optimize the Effectiveness of a PURL

A PURL should stand out clearly for optimum effectiveness. Positioning it within its own line could be a way to guarantee that people do not overlook it.

Benefits for the Customer

  • Easy to understand.
  • By integrating direct mail, email and online marketing, customers do not have to switch from a hard copy document to visiting a webpage.
  • This makes the process personalized and efficient.

Benefits for the Business

PURL’s are trackable.

  • PURL’s offer the benefit of real time tracking, as whoever accesses their PURL online can be monitored. Businesses can then work to satisfy specific target audience needs in accordance to the information found.

PURL’s lead to better response rates.

  • Typical direct mail campaigns receive 1% to 2% response rates.
  • Integrating PURL’s in combination with direct marketing improves these chances, particularly because customers do not have to do additional work.

Academic Findings

  • According to the Aberdeen Group’s study of personalization marketing techniques in 2007, 91% of the best companies. improved their conversation rates because of personalization.
  • Frank Hudetz stated that Solar Communications reported a 33% lift from PURL campaigns.
  • More information and case studies can be found at Complete PURL.