New names found

Start with the right notion of whose names you want. How much effort should be spent on targeting businesses directly vs flushing businesses out from a broader market?

  • For indirect (flushing), skip this step - position with them and create interest (later stages in the journey)
  • For direct,
    • Identify names of any specific high-value target companies
    • Identify demographic profile of other companies who fit your ideal customer profile
    • Identify key target roles
    • Identify support roles (keep these separate)
    • Fill each role above from your existing database
    • Identify gaps and then:
      • Identify a list provider, and pay them per new name or cleansed name
        • Give them your target company list and roles
        • Give them your current list (do you REALLY think this is such a 'secret'?)
        • Pay them for each new name filled, or old name corrected
      • Tele-gap-fill for any remaining gaps (only for the key roles)

Other tactics