Managing opportunities on Salesforce

This page is about managing existing opportunities on Salesforce. To learn how to create opportunities, see

When you have created a number of opportunities in your Salesforce account, you will need to manage them on an ongoing basis. It is recommended to review and update them with progress weekly to ensure your opportunities stay up to date.

The easiest way to do this is Views. Views, unlike Reports, give you the real-time view of opportunities, and so would be a better way to see most current progress.

On the opportunities tab, right under Home, you will see View. Click on the drop-down menu and you will see the different ways you can view your opportunities.

Create different views based on each stage of the buyer’s journey, as well as one for live opportunities which includes everything except leaked opportunities. Salesforce already sets up a view for leaked opportunities, except they name it 'Closed Lost'.

To create a new view:

  • Enter the name of the view - for instance: Live opportunities
  • Enter the criteria - filter by which field value
  • Select fields to display for the view. It is recommended that you select Next Steps aside from the primary fields needed
  • You have the option to restrict the visibility of the view

When created, click on the view. Opportunities that match the view's set criteria will show up, as well as the fields selected when creating the view. When reviewing and updating on progress, change the Status or Next Steps as necessary. This enables you to keep a list of your tasks related to these opportunities within the specified criteria.