ListGrabber is a lead capture tool that allows you to lists from various publicly available sources of free leads on the Internet, such as Directories (like yellow pages directories, super pages, white pages directories), association websites, membership directories, MLS Listings, and it can also capture contact information found in email signatures, spreadsheets and documents.

The extracted information can then be added to an Excel spreadsheet, database or ideally into LeadGrabber where further name and contact detail acquisisition can take place. Click here to see a demo video.

For more information, see the ListGrabber website

Quick Start

  • Highlight the Names and Addresses to be extracted
  • Open ListGrabber and click on the Grid icon in the ListGrabber toolbar to commence the extraction
  • Contacts are extracted instantly to the ListGrabber Grid.(You can also use F8 instead of clicking on the Grid)
  • Verify and edit the addresses if needed
  • Select your database application and click on Transfer All icon (3 arrows) in the grid to transfer all the addresses


  • ListGrabber Standard will capture only the first Phone number or Email address for a given address for all types of lists
  • If the Name or Company name consists of "&"(ampersand) it will not be processed properly.
  • While transferring if the destination applicationis closed after starting the transfer, the last open application will come up.
  • Auto detecting of websites will only work when the user is Online.
  • Before installing a new version of the software please uninstall the existing software from your machine
  • In Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 and above need to be installed to access Help.
  • Transfer to Excel is saved as csv file for universal export