Linked In -Pimp your Profile

First impressions are paramount- here’s how to use your LinkedIn Profile to ensure you make a good one!

Personal Details

Profile Picture

You'll get 14X more views with a profile picture than if you chose not to have one. If that's not a good enough reason to get one I don't know what is.


Sell yourself. This is your 120 character hook to people finding you in a LinkedIn search. It should be about what you do as opposed to what you are. It should be memorable and enticing enough for someone to click on your profile and not your competitors


  • “Wordsmith with a proven ability to translate business objectives into communications strategies and tactics”


This should not be forgotten. It gives a clear indication of the area you work in.

Public Profile URL

Nothing says LinkedIn 'newby' like a busy URL code. Make sure you edit yours to delete extra numbers and letters. Tip- you can include this URL on your business cards and email signature



Include key words so you can be found in searches. Add your chosen key words to your "skills", "attributes" and "interests" areas. Again, this increases your chances of being found.


Dont be afraid to use detail. Don't just say it, display it!- include logos and bright media to make your profile pop. eg. Company logos


These can be re-ordered, so make sure you put the most relevant and important at the top.


This WILL be noticed.

  • You'll receive an average of 10 times more views if you include this as compared to those who leave it out.


Join relevant groups. There are three main types you should consider:

  1. Your competitors groups, your industry and your prospects industry
  2. Geo-located groups like local chambers of commerce
  3. Persona-type groups for CIO's, entrepreneurs etc.

Try being an active member of these groups by starting conversations, sharing content and asking for opinions on articles and content from other group members.

Volunteer Experience and Causes

If you’ve done it, write about it! It always looks good to show you’re giving back to the community. It can help to paint you as generous and hardworking and provides some insight into your interests.

  • 42% of surveyed managers said they viewed volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience.

You can also include the logos of these organisations

Powerful Recommendations

Whoever writes these, provide them with a dot point list of your key skills and attributes so they can more accurately describe you. You want to avoid vague comments such as “she’s good at what she does”. Using key terms will again, help to ensure you can be found.