Language polls

Language polls enable you to validate the language you use to articulate the problem you solve for your customers. Specifically, they should identify the best words and / or phrases to use to trouble your target market.

When preparing your poll, consider:

1. The content of your survey

Ensure you use the language of your target audience and avoid using any technical jargon that may confuse them. We recommend including an open question (ie. What language would you use to articulate <this problem>?) and a closed question (ie. Of the following <5> options, which do you feel best articulates <this problem>?) to get the most comprehensive result.

2. Where you will host your survey

There are many available tools, but we recommend SurveyMonkey because it is user friendly and gives clear results that are easy to comprehend.

3. How you will invite recipients to participate

For example, will you send an invitation email? If so, to how many recipients? If you intend to poll separate groups (eg. by industry) make sure you keep your results separate, as the information gathered could be quite different.