Keynoting at third party events

Keynoting is a great way to deliver your message to an audience, without the hassle of running your own event.

The first step is to align yourself with the right partner who will provide an appropriate audience for your message. There is no point giving an amazing presentation to the wrong audience (ie. an audience that doesn’t fit your ideal customer profile).

Keynoting at a third party event involves less work than running your own event, but you do lose operational control so you need to weigh up how much you’re willing to give up in order to get access to an audience for little effort.

Because you’re speaking at somebody else’s events, there may be some limitations regarding what you can and can’t say. Before committing to the keynote, make sure you know what these limitations are. Ensure that you are clearly about the boundaries and the extent to these restrictions. Things to negotiate with partners include:

  • Topics/content
  • Access to attendee lists and contact details
  • Collateral around the event
  • Delivery time

Make sure all event publications that list you as a speaker clearly list your contact details, because you want to make it as easy as possible for audience members to find you. To promote yourself as a keynote speaker, gather testimonials from audience members, and consider filming yourself presenting and posting it on your website or leveraging it on your blog.

Finally, it goes without saying that your keynote must be great, so visit our wiki on presenting for tips.