Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a form of marketing that brings potential clients and consumers to you, rather than actively seeking out their attention. This requires in-depth knowledge of the buyer and what they are after in your product or service. It is hinged on four stages; attracting the customer, converting them by ascertaining their e-mail addresses, closing the sale and lastly ‘delight’. This last step involves your customers being happy with what you have sold them, and passing on your name to their network of contacts.

Inbound Marketing is a very in-depth process, much more so than traditional outbound marketing tactics. While consumers find it less invasive, it does require more time to be executed effectively.

However outbound marketing often reaches people who don’t necessarily know they require your product or service. It does also mean that customers may not be so easily ‘closed’ on your sale as they were not actively searching for what you offer.