Inadvertent release of documents - Sample Email

Dear [Name],

 I’m contacting you in relation to an issue that has occurred from my office and to seek your support in a timely rectification.

 I’ve been made aware that at: [Date and time] you were copied on an email titled “Subject:[Subject Title]” by one of my staff [Name], email address: [Email] containing links and attachments related to the [Subject Email] all of which, inclusive of the email that are Commercial in Confidence documents and not intended for you use.

 Whilst we took immediate steps to attempt to retrieve this email, given yours is a [Email server] account we are currently unaware if this recall has been successful, if the address is still in use, or if our content has been filtered out by a SPAM filter; as such I am are writing to you to advise you of this breach and seek your support to rectify.

As a business advisor and law graduate I’m sure that you will understand the serious nature of such a disclosure and your obligation under the various Federal and State Acts including: your obligation upon receipt to not use the material, to return, destroy or delete the material immediately and requirement to notify us of the steps you have taken to prevent inappropriate use of the material.

If you have only now become aware that the material is confidential and has been disclosed inadvertently and have commenced reviewing in whole or in part the document or material received you must notify us immediately that this is the case, not review further the material and take steps to return or destroy the material.

Many thanks for your support in rectifying this unintended release of confidential information.

Best Regards,


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