How do the new algorithms impact backlinks and SEO?

The new algorithms have impacted the SEO industry significantly with the focal point being to level the playing field. This means creating opportunities for small businesses, companies and brands that build quality websites and generate loyal and vocal fan followings to rank higher.

In a nutshell, the impact of the new algorithms is two-fold:

1. Devalues the rankings of low-quality sites and kills off content farms who have managed to build relevance by taking advantage of how the system works.

2. Increases the rankings of high-quality and local web sites by judging relevance based on factors that are less easily manipulated, like the “likability” of a site by influencers and metrics like time on site.

Google’s mission is simple: provide relevant search results for people.

With millions of web pages spread across the globe and millions of people searching daily for billions of things, this is a TALL order. To deliver relevant results, Google’s programming must be able to tell which online content relates best to the search terms entered.