What is GoAnimate?

GoAnimate is a cloud-based animation website that allows uses to create animated videos for various business or educational situations. This website enables companies to create animated videos that can promote their business, educate/train employees, animate presentations, explain complex scenarios or simply entertain. Through thousands of props, characters, scenes and pre-made templates almost every situation including business, everyday life and even out of work activities such as sports and socialising are covered. Essentially, the creator can build a video that covers just about any business scenario from scratch or editing an available pre-made template.

GoAnimate offers a narration feature that is capable of translating English into Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan, Chinese or German. Quiet alike Prezi to Canava, this website is a simplistic creation tool that is completely cloud-based.

This website is different from those available due to cheap associated account costs, free-ranged movement of characters and the narration with lip-sync feature of characters. These features make this website the ultimate animation tool for businesses as they have the feel of a professionally produced animation which would costs upwards of thousands of dollars, a great deal of time and resources.


  • A wide range of characters spanning from old to young and a diverse mix of race and religions. Users can also recreate, themselves, their employees, customers or anyone they want to reflect their business.
  • A range of different themes and backgrounds covering everyday business situations and environments, cartoon characters, everyday life and animated infographics. These themes and backgrounds are constantly updating.
  • 8 different languages.
  • Automatic lip-syncing technology.
  • Easy to use features to animate a character's actions and emotions to reflect the message of the video.
  • Unobstructed animation and movement of characters of high quality.
  • Users can import their own images, music or voice recordings. Users can even bring in video clips like interviews or screen captures.
  • One click publishing to social media sites and networks. Also available to download into 1080p HD mp4 files.
  • Transfer of commercial rights.

Accounts and Associated Costs

Free Trial

  • GoAnimate allows 2 weeks of free limited use. In this 2 week period your videos will have; a ‘GoAnimate’ watermark embedded in the video, no exportation or downloading of videos is available. But you will be able to share them on various social media sites.

GoPublish Account

  • This account type will allow 720p quality on every video made, availability of downloading and exportation. This account costs $39 per month, or $299 per year. There is no transfer of commercial rights meaning your video cannot be sold as a promotional tool.

GoPremium Account

  • This is the best option for professional videos, but is limited to only one user. This account will cost $79 per month, or $ 599 per year. The video quality is of a full High Definition up to 1080p. This account will also allow the user to sell the videos along with their products or services, as this account allows the transfer of commercial rights to third parties. You can also import your own media and will not have the GoAnimate logo on the end video.


  • This is the best option for large-scale organisation’s planning on integrating various forms of media for promotions or education. It costs $159 per month or $999 per year. With this account you will gain all advantages for the GoPreimum account as well as having, live chatting with the GoAnimate team for advice or tips, priority from the service departments, importation of own fonts and media as well as project coloration.

Creating a Video

To use this website, each person will need to be a subscriber. There is an option for a free trial for two weeks which is a limited GoPremium account. This limits exporting and sharing of final videos and a distinctive ‘GoAnimate’ watermark over the video.

  • Step 1: Create your own character. It is recommended that this is done before you choose your settings, to ensure the right template is chosen.
  • Step 2: Choose your setting. Two options to choose from; making a video from scratch or pre-made templates. Using a pre-made template, allows for easier to use scenes that can be changed with simple copy and paste and drag and drop techniques.
  • Step 3: change the character. This is done by clicking on the character and using the information bar on the left of the screen. Whilst changing the character to better reflect the scenario, you can also change their actions, expressions and what they are doing.
  • Step 4: Adding voices. This can be done by recording your own voice, uploading a file or using the voice-to-text option. Please note the voice-to-text option sounds a bit robotic.
  • Step5: Adding background music. To add background music, there is two options. Use your own sounds by uploading a file, or using the commercially available music already available.
  • Step 6: Repeat until happy.
  • Step 7: Publish.

Benefits for Business to Business Marketing

  • As every business is looking for that one way to stand out. Video marketing has not been adopted by many companies as is a clear way of creating a points of parity and breaking through initial barriers with consumers.
  • No downloading of programs, strict cloud computing technology and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Its drag and drop features allow just about any computer-literate individual to create videos
  • It’s a lot cheaper and quicker than conventional methods of animation and to an extent, video production.
  • Engage with clients, prospects, employees or even the public on a unique level.
  • Video information is digested at a more rapid pace than reading alone.
  • Used as a promotional tool to quickly identify key messages.
  • Used for training. E.g. trying to explain AdWords can be a hard task. But with written and visual imagery, the information can be digested quickly.

Quick Links

These links will allow any questions to be addressed by watching the how-too videos provided on the GoAnimate website.

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  • How to import; Images, audio, videos and flash files - [7]
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