Funnel Plan Support

Funnel Plan user unable to Login

If someone is having a problem logging in to Funnel Plan, here are the recommended steps to try and solve the issue. Although there is always the possibility the software is at fault, our experience is that inability to log in is usually a user issue.

Recommended steps:

  • Get them on the phone
  • Get them to go to the site, and enter their email address, then click ‘forgot my password’ and follow the prompts. This is exactly the same as you doing it for them except that it guarantees they are using the correct email address
  • Get them to copy the password in the reset email and log in
  • If that fails, then hang up and do the following:
  • Log in as a Funnel Coach (which you are)
  • Change his/her email address to one of your own that is not already used in Funnel Plan (no duplicates allowed of course)
  • Then reset the password
  • You follow the steps and log in as him/her using your own email address (of course).
  • Through this last step, satisfy yourself therefore that it is working fine
  • Change the password to something simple
  • Log back in as a Funnel Coach, and change the email address back to his/hers
  • Call him/her up and get them to log in using their own email address and this new simple password
  • Advise them to change the password again to protect their plan
  • Celebrate
  • If that fails, then we really do have a bug or software problem.
  • In that case, Annelies to repeat these same steps herself, then report to developers as a genuine bug