First 90 days LinkedIn Campaign

  1. LinkedIn search for job change
  2. Add contact details using LeadIQ

* Hand research if needed (tele) for those without details * Move each to 'save as lead' in LinkedIn so they come off our list * Email from you * * Hi fname. * So, you've not been in your new role for long now, but hopefully have all the basic foundations in place: * * Clear on your objectives for the first 90 days / 12 months? Check * Getting a handle on how to manage up? Check * Clear on who needs help in your team? Yup * Worked out who to go to for weird and trivial questions you don't want to ask your boss about? Sure * Best local lunch haunts? Got it * Got a crystal clear plan for new business that you and Sales are 100% locked into? Oops

* It's kind of key, don't you think, to have a plan that you and Sales agree to? We do. In fact, our global research shows that business that plan together - not just with Sales and Marketing, but also with Finance and Operations or Customer Support - * * are 67% better at closing deals, * have 108% better acceptance by Sales of leads generated from Marketing * and generate 209% more of their revenue from marketing-generated leads than those who don't.

* There's also loads in that study that we learned about: * * Planning frequency * The return on investment from training Marketers * The return for investing in Sales training

* And more. But that's not why I'm contacting you. We can discuss that another day. It's enough for now to say that planning together, quickly, can deliver some really big early wins for you in the role you've taken. * Because you're reasonably new in the role, I thought you might like a little help. Free help. Here goes: * We're a successful Australian company and have used our experience in 20 countries to build a great application to help you and your counterparts from Sales (and Ops, Finance etc.) to build your plan together. It helps you: * * Set crystal clear objectives * Validate your strategy and hinge it around the buyer rather than your product * Work out your marketing and sales velocity for three years * Dimension your salesforce * Build the best-fit tactics for both Marketing and Sales into a single, aligned, process from name to closed deal.

* And the plan you build together can be boiled down to one page that you can stick up on a wall and 'bond' around. Actually, I'm not being goofy, that really does happen. * Then it gives you weekly coaching that compares the performance of your plan to others who are similar enough to you (industry, deal size etc.) and makes specific recommendations that are uber-unique to your plan. Things like "...consider adding at least 2 more segments. Comparing your plan to others that are similar, we noticed that ..." * You can also hook it into your CRM to report on planned outcomes versus actual outcomes. * Anyhow, would you like to take a look? * The actual software is ridiculously inexpensive, but I can organise a free trial for you and you can suss it out for yourself. Does that hold any appeal? * Just let me know and I'll come back to you with details. * Cheers, and good luck for a cracking 2017! * Michelle

* Response from you. * * Great. I'm excited to be working with you on your free trial of Funnel Plan. It's all that we promised in the email (gets you and Sales and others onto the same page), but I'm not going to replay all of that again. * Let me get you set up with a 5 minute onboarding call. 5 minutes is literally all you'll need to get going then we can leave you alone to have a play as time allows. * When suits? I can offer any of the following: * * day / date / time * day / date / time * day / date / time

* Follow up call from you to respondents who don't come back for a time * * Hi fname * On [day] you told me you were interested in a free trial of Funnel Plan to see if it would be a good way for you to get a plan that gets you and your colleagues from Sales, finance, Ops etc. on the same page. * I'm just calling now to see if we can get a time for that 5 minute onboarding call. It's actually with our Founder and CEO, Hugh (he wants to do this with you personally). You may have heard of him - he's the author of The Leaky Funnel and coined the term the Buyer's Journey back in 2003. * Anyhow, when suits? I can offer any of the following: * * day / date / time * day / date / time * day / date / time

* Repeat every week with new names using same search.

* Continue for non-respondents if above works. Consider second email, third, when to do tele. * Continue beyond Oz if it works