A program that saves, organizes and syncs notes, images, web pages and files between all your devices.

Manages your digital life.


  • - Syncs android, apple and Microsoft; mobile and PC devices.
  • - Separates notes into specific notebooks created by the user.
  • - Search bar filters and locates notes, images and web clips saved.
  • - Easy to use save button quickly saves pictures, websites and screenshots.
  • - Shares notes and files with colleagues to collaborate projects.
  • - Up to 100,000 notes
  • - Maximum note size for Free users: 25mb and Premium users: 100mb.
  • - Up to 250 sync notebooks.
  • - 10,000 tags
  • - 100 saved searches
  • - Live update ensures files attached to notes are updated immediately.

Evernote Extensions

Evernote has a number of extensions that expands the amount of digital content that can be organised and shared between separate devices.

Evernote Hello

A fast and simple app that helps you to remember everything you meet about anyone. An advanced contacts list.

  • Captures contact information, photos an more.
  • Scans business cards or details can be entered manually
  • Saves meeting notes

(For iPhones and iPods)


Allows users to annotate, sketch and edit photos, maps and documents.

(For mobile devices and computers)


Write, scribble and sketch on a page that imitates real life ink and paper. Notes sync with Evernote (Any device)

(For iPad only)

Evernote Webclipper

Saving anything online, including selected texts, links and images into your Evernote account.

  • Selects, extract and saves images and texts from a website
  • Saves original copies in case it is lost online.

(For all devices and browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer)

Evernote Food

Discover, collect and share your favourite home-cooked and restaurant meals.

  • Cookbook: For saving and exploring new recipes and old favourites
  • Discover restaurants near and far to bookmark and experience

(For mobile devices only)

Evernote Clearly

Distraction free web surfing that hides all ads and unnecessary content to make reading easier.

  • Choose and edit themes that match your reading style
  • Save blogs and articles on Evernote to sync with all devices

(For all devices using Chrome)

Evernote Peak

Turns your notes into study material. Evernote Peak works with a smart cover that provides a clue and answer when the cover is lifted.

Evernote Business

Saves and shares notes, docs, links and images with your business team in a way that makes it easily discoverable and relevant.

Business Library

The Archives gives access to all of your company's knowledge in whatever form it takes. Organises and syncs all business notebooks. In the Business Library, employees can browse and join any published Business Notebook that interests them.

Business Notebooks

Separate to personal notebooks, business notebooks showcase your work and build up collective knowledge. Everything that is put into a Business Notebook becomes part of the company's Evernote Business account.

  • 2GB Extra for personal notes
  • 2GB per employee for content placed in business notebooks.

Creating new notes in business notebooks automatically brings up related content in both personal and business accounts. Browse and search function is available for locating co-workers notes.

Evernote Business becomes a data platform that organises and shares ideas, research, expertise and tasks between all employees. An inexpensive platform creating a more productive, synchronised and smarter workplace.