There are a few simple points you should follow as you make changes to Funnel Wiki. Below are some examples. In general, be courteous and use common sense. Defying these guidelines and causing problems are a good way to get your edit privileges revoked.

Introduce yourself

Before you start editing any page, kindly introduce yourself by adding your information to your wiki page.

Do not edit pages just to edit pages

Senseless edits should be avoided. Instead of making pointless edits, such as removing or adding whitespace, try finding errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation that can be corrected. Also, when correcting a small error, mark "This is a minor edit" using the appropriate checkbox before you save it.

Avoid renaming pages or moving content without coordination

Wiki pages are generally referred to and linked to from various other locations. It is important that you coordinate with the Funnel Wiki management before moving content or renaming existing pages. If you wish to discuss moving a particular item, bring your questions to the admin team at [email protected]

Review your changes for errors

Regardless of how good your writing skills may be, it is a good idea to invite someone else to review your content before publishing as even the best writers are prone to typos or other errors. Take a moment to review your changes to catch small errors. Use the 'Show preview' button when editing a page to check your syntax.

Funnel Wiki is an online community

When writing content, for the wiki or elsewhere, remember that Funnel Wiki is a community endeavour. We operate as one, unified group, moving towards common goals and all content created and edited should reflect the values of this community.

Some other rules

  • no flaming
  • no link spamming (don't bother anyway, all external links are set to nofollow)
  • no product or service pitches - this is a free wiki for the B2B marketing community to collaboratively define best practice
  • don't put anything here you don't own
  • best efforts to curate / moderate, but rely on users reporting (or better yet - fixing) content that doesn't belong here

See also our more general notes on how to contribute.