Embedding Videos on the wiki

If you're running a wiki, you have the opportunity to embed videos on your wiki by implementing a wiki video extension. We would recommend using EmbedVideo as it is easy to use. However, you will need a web developer to set this up.

Once the extesion is implemented, you can embed a video on your wiki by clicking on the Edit tab of the page for which you want to embed a video, and insert the following tag:


Service is the name of the video service, e.g. YouTube, and id is the id of the video in that service. The ID is the characters in the URL of the video after "watch?v=".

If you're inserting a YouTube video for which you'd like to use the widescreen video player, so no letterboxing around the video, also add 'hd' to the name of the service. So, the code then becomes:

There are additional options for resizing, placing and adding a description to the video, which are listed here.