EDM list management

Email is the most cost effective and responsive form of direct marketing, but only if you build and manage your list with care.

John Jantsch, from Duct Tape Marketing, reveals five practices that will give you the quality list you need for successful email campaigns.

1. Funnel for personalization

Employ a routine that allows people to pick the kind of information they are looking for, so that you can personalize the information and make it more relevant. In addition, you'll learn a little about the subscriber based on their choices.

2. Make the first 30 days count

The first 30 days of subscription is your test period. This is where you wow people, or turn them off.

3. Refine your frequency

How often you mail is a tricky one. Establish a routine of expectation – say a weekly newsletter or roundup, but you want to be careful not to abuse your list with every good offer you can pound away at.

Watch your unsubscribes religiously as any uptick is probably a sign you are over mailing.

One of the questions you might pose early on to subscribers is to ask how often they want to hear from you. This is also a tricky one because they don’t really know how great your info is and they will generally lean towards less email.

4. Choose wisely

By using proper segmentation you should be able to target certain offers to certain individuals.

When doing follow up emails lean towards mailing fewer and fewer people based on a series of criteria. For example, if you mail a special offer to your list, mail the follow-up reminder only to those that opened the first email and your response will soar without pestering those that saw the subject line of your first email and didn’t bother to read it.

Simple decisions like this will allow you to talk to your most responsive subscribers without wearing your entire list down.

5. Perform routine hygiene

No matter how great your information is, your list needs routine work. If a subscriber has been on your list for more than a year, chances are you need to look into whether or not their address should remain on your list.

At least twice a year you should perform list hygiene and clean things up. You can use a selection like “anyone that is not a buyer and has not opened an email in the last 6 months” as a segment for who to opt-out of your list.

Practice good list management, and watch the level of engagement soar.

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