Doctor's account-emarketing report

Procedure to prepare eMarketing report for Doctor’s Account

To build the report:

1. Find the Report statistic generator file in the Doctors Accounts folder in CLIENTS, Marketing Services, eMarketing folders

2. Open Vision6 and log in

3. Navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab on the top menu

4. Click on the graph logo on the right hand side of the most recent email send

5. Fill the data from Vision6 into a new column you’ve created in the spreadsheet.

Steps to fill the date-

• Put the blog headline on the top

To be filled from send Statics graph-

• Totals contacts is the total number of mails sent

• Sent is the number of mails(not opened in grey color)

• Bounces is number of mails bounced (in red)

• Opens is number of mails opened (in green)

• Open rate is the messages opened % (from user statistics)

• Unique clicks is the blue line in top 6 links clicked section

• Click-through-rate is the contacts clicked % (from user statistics)

• Net CTR is number of unique clicks by total number of sent

• Total clicks is the grey line in top 6 links clicked section

• Unsubscribes is the contacts who have unsubscribed them from the list (from user statistics)

Mobile VS PC split

• PC is the % of total PC users (no.of PC users/total no.of users*100)

• Mobile is the % of total mobile users (no.of mobile users/total no.of users*100)

Note-Total number of user is sum total of PC users, mobile users and unknown devices)

• Add the cells from the new column to the series average column (in the formula) and update it the whole way down.

• In column A add the link for the new Blog, and then fill in cells 20-36, depending on who clicked where. To find this data click on the number in the Vision 6 report that tells you how many people clicked.