Demand Base

Demandbase is a real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B. While personalization tools have long existed for B2C, until now, none were geared specifically to enable B2B marketers to make online interactions more effective, delivering the right message at the right time.

Without the use of cookies, Demandbase’s Real-time Identification service bridges the gap between known and anonymous web visitors by identifying and segmenting the companies visiting a website, and providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time.

Adobe used Demandbase’s technology to better allocate the use of their live chat team (basically an online survey) as they now had knowledge of who was viewing the site and what business they belonged to. This allowed the Adobe chat team to focus its time and resources on the right visitors at the right time leading to an increased quality of chats, thus lifting the site visitor conversion rate, post implementation, by 300%.