Confirmation emails

Follow up emails after a meeting or a phone call help to reinforce messages from the meeting, fill any minor gaps (don't be too adventurous), and give you a 'platform' for your next meeting / call / email. Given these are oft-used, it is worth investing the time to build these templates with expert copy writing assistance.

As a general rule there's a simple flow:

  1. Courtesy
  2. Your situation (template should ask us to insert what they told us on the call, or can glean from a quick web search).
  3. Gaps (either what they told us, or what we can infer, or a standard gap statement)
  4. Need
  5. Solution (philosophy can be baked into this if you hold that a part of our value is our approach / philosophy)
  6. Outcome (tailored if we can, standard in the template though)
  7. Call to action

If a particular template is designed for a selling situation where we get limited interaction, and can’t spend the time to tailor this, we’d change the detail above to hold to the flow but just put standard content in in rather than place holders asking you to modify them as done with this one.

Here are a number of standard situations worth creating templates for:

  • Poorly qualified enquiry we want to spend limited time on – standard email with info and links to the web site
  • Possibly better candidate, but we still got limited input from them
  • Good conversation, some good insight about their world uncovered on the call or meeting. Not yet troubled though, just interested
  • Got them to fess up to problems on the call or meeting and need to cement those gaps in their mind, not yet agreed on the need, need to imply the need rather than meet again to extract it (for some reason)
  • As above, but next action is a meeting (phone or face to face) to agree the need (should be more common)
  • Good meeting, need agreed, want to confirm understanding of need (and get them to confirm back), before next meeting where we propose our solution
  • We leaked for some reason – early – and want to tell them we’re going to put them onto our corkscrew (the blog emails for now)
  • As above, but leaked later in the journey, so we’ll corkscrew + recontact date