Call Recording Services

Recent technology has made the recording of a telephone call not only possible, but also relatively easy and unencumbered by any specific hardware or software.

Here is an extended list of call recording services, but for the purpose of ease we have outlined here the process of using a specific service – Record Retrieve.

RecordRetrieve makes the process incredibly easy - you can record calls from any phone, anytime, anywhere. Once your call is recorded in the cloud, it’s instantly available online.

The process:

1. Record – Simply dial your Recording Number (supplied to you when you sign up), followed by the number you’re trying to reach. When the call is answered it’s being recorded. Let your recipient know that the call is being recorded, or simply press the # key three times.

2. Retrieve – An MP3 of your recording is delivered straight to your Dashboard (and you are also emailed a link to the recording for later use)

3. Review – Play back, transcribe, make notes or forward your phone call recording to others for review or action.

This service is designed to suit differing levels of need at varying price points. Record Retrieve also has mobile users covered with mobile access, and there is mobile access so you can access your dashboard any time.