Business cards

Like most professionals, your desk drawer probably contains a pile of business cards that sit idly forgotten and do nothing for you. But these cards contain important contact information that should be part of your CRM or contact list. The problem is, how can you get the information where you need it without spending hours manually entering it in?

In an ever changing world, the best way to manage your business cards effectively is through electronic means.

Here is a list of the best online resources for creating an online CRM from your cards:

  • Camcard

Camcard allows you to scan your business cards using the camera app on your smartphone. Simply scan the card with your camera and it uploads straight to your phone. You can then exchange business cards through the app, set reminders and tag certain cards for easy access. Camcard is also available across all devices.

It costs $6.99 to download from the app store or google play.

  • DYMO CardScan Executive

This little machine will scan the clutter in your top drawer in less than two seconds per card (front and back). This is on the expensive side at $260 a pop, but is highly efficient for the time poor who don't have time to scan each business card one at a time. The DYMO CardScan Executive uploads the scans to Microsoft outlook.

  • WorldCard Pro

Also a member of the business card scanner family, Worldcard comes in at a cheaper price of $179.95. After scanning in a card on the WorldCard Pro, The information can be immediately uploaded to Mac or Windows contact lists or to google contacts. Software also allows contacts to be shared to mobile numbers.

  • FullContact

Full contact is an online contact management system. Like Camcard this system allows for smartphone upload and contact synchronisation. This program, however, does the legwork for you. It merges duplicate contacts allows for photos and social media connectivity, plus it centres itself around customer service where online technicians correct any mistakes the scanning technology might make.

FullContact is free up to 5,000 contacts, for 5,000+ there is a premium subscription that costs $9.99 per month.

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