B2B Marketing Measures

To most ears, "Measuring Sales and Marketing effectiveness" sounds like a low priority. It may be on your B or C list, even on a good day. If you're feeling less generous, you might even call it an academic indulgence and not consider it a priority at all.

But if you don't know what's working, how can you know what to change?

If you don't know, then one idea is as good as the next. One person argues for their pet sales or marketing tactic and another argues for theirs.

Who wins? Seniority, or the loudest voice. What happens next is that you head into implementation, without a factual basis for the choice.

When this new tactic fails, you change – lurching from one great idea to the next, often never really giving the chosen tactic a chance to prove itself.

When it comes to measurement, align.me believes there are two key rules:

  1. Don't do what you can't measure
  2. Don't measure what you can't change

Too much measurement, or measuring the wrong things, is also a low-rent activity. You can measure inputs:

  • Marketing touches (direct mail, email, invitations)
  • Sales activity (meetings, proposals)

If you measure how effectively these inputs progress buyers – you’ll need a common definition of the buyer’s journey – you can start testing changes to your tactics. A/B tests allow you to test possible changes. You might send the old letter to half of your list, and another letter with just one element changed to the other half. The results will tell you whether to change or not.

Detailed Funnel Vision about measurement