's Social Media, Disclosure and Ethics Policy


Social media plays an important role in how we interact with industry thought leaders, prospects and customers, and how we have our customers interact with that same audience. encourages employees, Funnel Coaches, interns and contractors to engage in social media and online communities, but requires that all employees, interns and contractors follow this policy and ethical guidelines regardless of role.

Key online platforms covered by this Policy include, but are not limited to, blogs, microblogs (e.g., Twitter), online comments, social networks, video sharing websites, photo sharing websites, and podcasts.

Things to not do

We require that employees, Funnel Coaches, interns and contractors do NOT participate in social media in the following ways:

  • Do NOT share confidential or proprietary information. This includes company or financial secrets, confidential or proprietary information shared with by a third party, pipeline information, unannounced customers, potential or pending acquisitions or investments, and other information not already available in the public domain.
  • Do NOT misrepresent yourself or your company, or ask others to do so. Make sure the content you create and the impressions you leave are accurate and honest. Do not leave out relevant information regarding your identity, affiliations with the business, or any other pertinent information. Furthermore, never ask third parties, including customers and partners, to misrepresent themselves or their relationship with
  • Do NOT lie. Online statements and messages about the business and its products/services must reflect honest opinions, beliefs, recommendations, and/or experiences. Furthermore, you must not omit material information that would change the meaning of a communication. Under no circumstances are deceptive, misleading, and or unsubstantiated claims about the company or a competitor allowed.
  • Do NOT make personal attacks or speak negatively about employees, interns, contractors, customers, potential prospects, or competitors. Incomplete, inaccurate, inappropriate, threatening, harassing or poorly worded postings may be harmful to other employees, interns and contractors, damage relationships, or undermine’s efforts to encourage teamwork. Slurs, personal insults, obscenity, rumors, lies, and other offensive language are strictly prohibited.
  • Do NOT use the company name in any social media identity (e.g. username, "handle" or screen name) or speak as an official representative of the company. Only official social media accounts managed by the company's social media team may engage as representatives of the company.

Things to do

We ask that employees, Funnel Coaches, interns and contractors DO participate in the following ways:

  • DO disclose you are a employee or work for, or in the case of Funnel Coaches that you hold this position, especially if you are creating content related to our industry, and be sure that third‐party social media participants disclose their material connection to values honesty and transparency. Use your bio information to disclose your affiliation with When commenting (e.g. on a blog post, or in a forum), state your relationship to In addition, customers, partners, and other social media participants must disclose their “material connections” to when working with us in marketing programs. Such “material connections” include but are not limited to: benefits or incentives such as monetary compensation, loaner products, free services, in‐kind gifts, or special access privileges provided by All disclosures must be clear and prominent with easily understood and unambiguous language. For more on disclosure best practices, visit the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s ethics / disclosure page at:
  • DO disclose whether you are acting as a company representative. When posting your own opinions, comments or content about, and/or its products or services, you must state that your views do not necessarily represent those of Company.
  • DO think before you post. Think about the information you are posting, the channel you are presenting it in,and how it will be perceived. Remember that information posted to social sites "live forever" and can be used out of context.
  • DO inform the Social Media team of any potential problems, issues, negative information, or even accolades you may encounter about If you run across something that maybe of concern or otherwise notable inform the social media team so they may choose to respond accordingly in an official capacity if needed. Also, be sure to direct any media inquiries to the proper Marketing contacts.
  • DO ask questions if you are unsure. If you have any questions about what is acceptable and what isn't, contact the social media team leader.

Employees are obligated to be aware of and comply with this policy; failure to do so will result in corrective action possibly including termination of their employment with

For more information regarding B2B etiquette please click on this link:

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If you have any questions about this social media policy, please contact your manager.