20 Do's and Don'ts for Clickable Calls-to-Action

Hubspot shares the critical 20 Do's and Don'ts that increase marketing call-to-action clicks from visitors.

Do Do Not
Place your CTAs above the fold and within the visitor's "eye path." Hide your CTAs where no one can see them
Use bold, contrasting colors. Use the same or similar colors in your CTAs as the page's background color.
Make them big and bold so they stand out Use teeny, tiny CTAs that no one will notice
Make them look "clickable" and button-like by adding bevels, shadows and hover effects. Make CTAs look flat.
Use CTAs that align with the buyer's interests and needs. Use a CTA in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Make sure CTAs are clean, simple and uncluttered. Be too wordy.
Use compelling and actionable copy that conveys the value being offered. Use vague, cliche or passive language.
Set the right expectations about what visitors will recieve Oversell and under-deliver.
Direct each CTA to its own dedicated landing page that restates the offer and copy from the CTA. Link CTAs to your homepage.
Use only one primary card and one secondary CTA. Use too many CTAs on one page
Use data or testimonials to validate your proposition. Forget to build trust through design and copy.
Use CTAs in everything you do - email, blogging, social media and thank-you pages. Miss opportunities to promote your CTAs
Experiment with and A/B test your CTAs to know what design, copy and placement works best. Use the same CTAs for too long.
Add keyword-rich ALT tags so your CTA adds search value to the page. Forget to search engine optimize your CTA's.
Use CTAs that are mobile optimised so any device can see them. Use flash or complicated animations.
Offer something of value. Use branding as the only objective of your CTA.
Use personalisation and dynamic content- because everyone is different. Use the same CTA for everyone.
Give them room to breathe by utilising white space Cram CTAs into little spaces.
Master the copy - that's what really gets visitors to take action. Obsess over a pixel-perfect design.

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