has helped many leading and aspiring businesses who found themselves struggling with one – or several – common business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing problems.

  • A lack of a clear plan for growth;
  • Gaps in the team’s B2B marketing skills;
  • Members of the extended team don’t ‘get it’; and
  • A lack of alignment between Sales and Marketing.

Using a range of proven solutions, we’ve helped these businesses to grow through these challenges. Read our marketing consultant testimonials to find out the impact we’ve had on businesses just like yours.

We offer priceless experience

“Funnel Camp was the best off-site/seminar that I have attended in my 25 years.  I got a lot of value and learnings to take away.  Even though the primary objective was not training, it proved to be valuable training for me. It’s re-invigorated me and I’m looking forward to applying some techniques to my daily work.”

Stephen BrownBusiness Development Manager, Bulletproof Group Limited

“Hugh’s vast knowledge of B2B marketing helps clarify the complex art of effective marketing.”

Andy CooperMarketing Director, Infrastructure Software

“A new way of approaching and executing marketing.”

Daniel JurczyszynMarketing Manager, Telco

“If you need a clear focus on the direction your business is heading in, it is very worthwhile! A great process!”

Paul PhelanManaging Director, Health IQ

We tell it like it is

“In 3 days solidified and clarified what I have been fumbling through for 13 years. Amazing.”

Matt LovegroveSenior Manager, Professional Services

“They challenge our thinking and are our marketing experts who will question our ideas and develop them into even better ideas and programs.”

Damian MenziesDirector, Choice Career Services

“Definitely a worthwhile workshop. It brought about debates and discussions that we’ve never raised in our workplace, and got us all thinking about things from a different perspective. For myself personally, not being in a sales or leadership role, it was great to be exposed to that side of the business in more depth and be able to contribute to the end outcome. Looking forward to working together to further develop and execute our new strategy!”

Jacqui MurphyOperations and Finance Admin, OsBTI

We hone B2B sales and marketing skills

“Any marketer looking to hone their marketing skills should give a call.”

Malcolm HamiltonChannel Marketing Manager, ERP Software

“We thought we were experts at selling, until we attended this program. This thinking could double my income.”

Eddie SmithSales Consultant

We achieve blistering clarity around the strategy, and deliver actionable plans

“We needed a Sales and Marketing plan. We needed the roadmap to achieve our goals and made that possible.”

Craig RoddaAccount Manager, Outsourcer

“A clear go to market Sales and Marketing strategy for this product.”

Michael McTeigueSales Manager, Telco

“Highly recommended, structured means to develop and dimension one’s sales strategy.”

Philip SykesManaging Director, Telco

“Best planning program I have been a part of.”

Greg SampsonNational Sales & Marketing Director, Security Software

“Using that newly focused marketing and clear strategy, has enabled us to enunciate the problems we solve.”

Ben DudleyDoctors Accounts Services

We align Sales and Marketing

“Great process for managing the disparate issues between Sales and Marketing in a B2B environment.”

Josh GraceAccount Director, Ad Agency

“The positive effect of my team all talking the same language is already working and the course is only just over. Excellent.”

David LiffVP Marketing, Infrastructure Software

We deliver real change

“We will look back on this event as a turning point in the company’s history.”

Carey McMahonChief Operating Officer, Security Software

“Total commitment to helping the client achieve their goals.”

Tim DehnCommunications Manager, Halcrow

“Where the rubber hits the road, a practical application of theory to live campaigns, improving them significantly.”

Dan McDermottInfrastructure Software

“Great firmament of ideas which will be of use back at the branch.”

Jerry CollSales Manager, Telco

“The discipline that MathMarketing brings to a business every day is a precise and disciplined way to achieve budget and to gain the position of market leader.”

Roger E. MarriottManaging Director, Eximo

“Brings together a number of aspects of marketing theory into a highly practical framework which can easily be applied.”

Mike NellesProject Management Softwate

We ‘get it’, and so do our clients

“This is the best course with the most useful content I have attended.”

Kellie RandrupMarketing Communications Manager, ERP Software

“Don’t reckon a serial string of ‘best-of’ AIM course/topics/modules would have come close.”

Glenn GuilfoyleSales Consultant

Our clients had a problem; we matched the right solution to them, and delivered real results. If you’re struggling with challenges relating to B2B sales and marketing, can help. Drop us a line.

Or see some of the funnel management resources that have helped our clients.