Sustainable Business Policy is committed to protecting and restoring the environment through technology and through our business practices. We are dedicated to environmental awareness and support a process of continuous improvement by doing the simple things a little smarter.

Sustainable Business Principles:

  • We look for the most energy-efficient, environmentally responsible technology products and services.
  • We reduce waste through recycling and handle and dispose of waste using responsible and safe methods.
  • We support energy management systems in our facilities and incorporate environmentally safe and sustainable energy resources.
  • We support and encourage activities that promote sustainable business practices and environmental protection.

Sustainable Business Practices:

  • Most of our printing is done on recycled paper
  • Our printers and laptops are set on Power Saver mode
  • Lights are turned off when room is not in use and where possible dimmable ballasts have been installed to dim lights when daylight is available
  • Our electricity provider is SmilePower – renewable energy generated from nature
  • We provide water to reduce need for plastic bottles
  • We provide plates / containers / utensils to eliminate disposable items
  • We provide remote access to support telecommuting
  • We support and train staff in fire prevention
  • We are an equal opportunity employer
  • We operate a flexible work environment to let staff members avoid travel during peak hours
  • Employees are encouraged to create their own flexible work environment