About SPIN Selling ® Conversations

SPIN Selling® Conversations is an advanced questioning workshop that leverages proven methodologies, helping organisations conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes, and build trustworthy relationships with customers.

This one day course is a researched-based, advanced questioning skill programme that gives participants the opportunity to acquire and practice new skills, by integrating in-depth exercises, drills, and activities. Online modules and assessments compliment the course, helping sharpen and elevate sales aptitude beyond the classroom experience

Learn to combine SPIN Selling methodologies with B2B best practice, by Master Sales Trainer and globally recognised Revenue Performance Consultant, Brett Bonser.
SPIN Selling® Converations will help you

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Differentiate your offerings from the competition
  • Conduct more effective sales calls

Is SPIN Selling ® Conversations right for your organisation?

With so many sales training options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. SPIN Selling® Conversations is right for you if your company is trying to:

  • Strengthen customer relationships, and improve sales effectiveness
  • Find ways to differentiate their offerings from the competitionSell to senior executives, buying committees, and end users
  • Present offerings with high impact, avoiding “feature dumps” and discounting
  • Make credible sales calls at senior executive levels
  • Tackle goals related to pipeline growth, funnel management and customer retention

Why choose align.me for SPIN Selling ® Conversations?

  • align.me is an accredited partner of Miller Heiman Group
  • Brett Bonser is a certified Master Sales Trainer, as well as an experienced B2B Marketing Consultant, so he possesses unique insight into sales and marketing disciplines
  • Brett has facilitated hundreds of sales and marketing projects and trained thousands of sales leaders to achieve superior sales results.

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