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Strategic Planning for Protecting and Growing Key Accounts

Large Account Management Process® (LAMP®) uncovers how to best manage and grow strategic accounts by bringing the entire relationship into view. This process provides organisations a road map for identifying strategic customer relationships that have growth potential. Participants develop a one-to-three-year plan to strengthen the account relationship through team selling and customer collaboration.

LAMP® begins with an analysis of an organisation’s current position within actual accounts to identify discrepancies and develop a shared vision between your organisation and your customer’s organisation. LAMP® participants learn to document long-term plans for managing key accounts and allocating resources effectively. They will also learn to craft strategies for managing cross-functional teams to clarify roles and responsibilities, boost collaboration, and ensure accountability. The program also presents a method for enhancing relationships between the buying and selling organisations.

Participants learn to determine account revenue potential and how it impacts their selling strategy. The process highlights how managing a customer’s perception of the business relationship, and mutually identifying the appropriate level of collaboration, can significantly minimise price sensitivity and competitive threats. LAMP® helps sales organisations objectively determine this perception and define goals to keep their position as trusted advisors.

LAMP® may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Avoid being surprised at the loss of key clients
  • Collaborate across the enterprise to unlock the potential of strategic accounts
  • Transition from vendor to trusted advisor status with strategic customers
  • Ensure that relationships continue in strategic accounts regardless of manager or key sponsor turnover
  • Reverse erosion within key accounts
  • Achieve account growth objectives set by the executive team

LAMP® Implementation Based on the best practices of Miller Heiman’s clients, utilizing LAMP® Implementation provides the basis for focus, preparation, planning and execution that will increase the success and adoption of LAMP® into your account management process. LAMP® Implementation builds additional rigor around the LAMP® methodology by providing the key steps before and after the standard workshop delivery. Contact us for more information on LAMP® Implementation.

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