The Miller Heiman Sales System™ is our chosen framework for performance-based sales training. This Sales System drives sales performance through disciplined processes to effectively create and manage opportunities, and manage accounts.

World-wide proven sales training by Miller Heiman forms the bases of our sales training programs.

The core workshops we offer are

Strategic Selling®

Comprehensive Deal Strategy for Complex Sales

Conceptual Selling®

Practical Call Planning Strategies for Complex Sales

Large Account Management Process (LAMP®)
Strategic Planning to Protect and Grow Key Accounts

Other workshops we offer

Sales Training: How to create opportunities

  • Executive Impact
    Persuasion Strategies to Impact Executive-Level Decision Makers

Sales Training: How to manage opportunities

  • Negotiate Success
    Win-Win Sales Negotiations that Strengthen Customer Relationships

Sales Training: How to manage relationships

  • Channel Partner Management
    Aligning Objectives and Building Commitment for Optimal Channel Partner Relationships

Assessment: Are your people ready?

  • Sales Excellence Assessment
    Fact-driven Sales Management and Coaching Solutions
  • Predictive Sales Performance
    Hiring Solutions to Build Outstanding Sales Teams

Reinforcement and Support

  • Sales Access Manager
    Miller Heiman Sales Process Enablement Through CRM Integration
  • Manager’s Coaching
    Driving adoption and maximizing return on your sales process investment

We invite you to learn more about how we can help you to train your sales team in the world’s most proven sales process. If you have some challenges that you’d like to discuss with one of our sales experts, please contact us for a free preliminary consultation.

Whilst you are considering sales training, you may want to explore helping the marketing team to generate sales qualified leads to make the sales team productive. Explore our B2B Marketing training – now delivered in New York, Boston, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Seoul, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

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