Question: What’s more powerful than others in the team buying into your plan?

Answer: build the plan together in the first place. To help you really bind your leadership team to a single plan, one of our experienced Funnel Coaches will guide leadership team through a series of proven steps to agree your blisteringly clear, highly actionable plan for earning new business.

To build and then get traction with your plan, we will:

  • Prepare all participants and harness the data necessary for good planning
  • Run a 1-day, private, onsite Funnel Mastery Workshop to validate your objectives and  strategy, and determine your velocity and the tactics that will generate this velocity
  • Document your plan and review it with your leadership team

The result? Your leadership team fully bought into a process they helped form, using modernised acquisition practices / processes.

This is one of a series of services designed to help you to embed Funnel Logic for best practice funnel management after your participation in the Funnel Mastery Workshop. Here are the others:

Make your plan perfect (and agreed):

  • We can review and finalise your plan with you
  • Run your own private Funnel Mastery workshop to re-build your Funnel Plan with other stakeholders in the room, or build a Funnel Plan for a new market.
  • Or we can make your license to use the Funnel Plan software permanent so you can evolve your plan yourself.

Build the execution plan, and provide loads of execution tips

  • Translate your plan into a prioritised task list with execution tips for every tactic

Kick it off for you:

  • Implement your nurture campaign for you, run it twice to get it perfect, document a personalised ‘how to’ for your staff to take it over

Help you drive the change:


The Funnel Mastery Program and Workshops went very well.

UXC Oxygen have been applying the Funnel Mastery go-to-market methodologies. The program continues to be very beneficial. It helps focus the conversation and identify the opportunities in our best fit target markets, and then works towards a proactive, measureable plan on a page to achieve and monitor against. Hugh MacFarlane is very knowledgeable and leads through the conversation really well.

Stuart DickinsonCEO, UXC Oxygen

On the recommendation of SAP, Dyflex Solutions engaged to assist in developing our sales funnel. We are on our way to mastering our funnel with the tools and methodology provided by Hugh and his team at

I was initially a bit sceptical before our first workshop but I can say that within the first few hours my concerns were allayed and we had an excellent session.  The outcomes of the workshop have met our expectations and we are now in the process of executing the plan.  We are confident that together we will significantly improve the quality and quantity of our funnel and the ongoing management of it.

Based on our experience to date I can highly recommend the program offered by

Peter LanderManaging Director, Dyflex Solutions