Funnel Masters on stage business speaker

Companies hire a business speaker to motivate their team. But what is the long term effect?

The “Funnel Guy” is different.

Hugh Macfarlane, the founder of, is an experienced and entertaining business speaker on a range of sales and marketing topics. He’s also the author of The Leaky Funnel; a marketing strategy book that calls for a major change in the way businesses organise and manage their combined Sales and Marketing resources.

Hugh Macfarlane is an entertaining business speaker

Hugh’s extensive knowledge of business-to-business marketing ranges from strategy to tactics and measurement, though his favourite topic and greatest passion is the sales funnel – after all, Hugh is the “funnel guy.”

Normally voted #1 or #2 speaker at multi-speaker events, Hugh has delivered over 60 conference addresses, seminars, and keynote presentations to thousands of people since 1996.

His message to business is simple and lasting: ‘Earn more customers by aligning sales and marketing to the way businesses buy.’

View Hugh’s presentation to learn more about how his message can help your business earn more customers.